Situated on the North Eastern side of Grangemouth, with residential populations in close proximity and a diverse range of development options available for large or small scale projects.


31 acres


Ownership varies, but in majority order by land area, Falkirk Council, Leto Ltd, New River Retail UK Ltd.

Development/Planning Status

Bearing in mind the existing retail, office, residential and community facilities in the town centre it is considered there is scope for the following types of development subject to market interest and the planning process:- retail development; office development; civic hub; housing; leisure

Available Financial Assistance

The site is located in an area which eligible projects may attract 15%-35% Regional Selective Assistance funding. Further information on eligibility of RSA funding support can be provided

TIF Supported Enabling Works

The TIF project can provide funds to address enabling infrastructure associated with flood mitigation; road access; utility infrastructure and site preparation.

Local Network Infrastructure

Main road connections exist on all sides of the site, with good permeability for visitors on foot and bike, and good public transport links.


Primary local access to the site would be by the surrounding road network. Access from further afield can be taken via M9 Junction 5 or 6 through well signposted main road links.