Lying to the east of the Falkirk Wheel, south of the Forth & Clyde Canal and north of the Antonine Wall. The presence of the canal adds to the appeal of the sites at Falkirk Wheel, Tamfourhill and Rosebank. The Tamfourhill project has been branded as 'Portdownie' and connects with renovation and development opportunities at The Falkirk Wheel. Opportunities exist in residential, commercial and leisure uses.


The site is 58 ha in size.


The site is owned by Falkirk Council.

Development/Planning Status

The site is capable of supporting development in the region of 325 houses, 200 flats and an element of commercial uses. Developers will require detailed planning permission. A site masterplan has been completed.

Available Financial Assistance

The site is located in an area which eligible projects may attract 15%-35% Regional Selective Assistance funding. Further information on eligibility of RSA funding support can be provided.

TIF Supported Enabling Works

No TIF Enabling Works programmed in the immediate area

Local Network Infrastructure

The Tamfourhill site is well connected to the M876 motorway. Works to Junction 5 will be of benefit as it is one of the access routes for traffic coming from the east. The A9/A904 corridor improvements may also bring additional benefits.


As a residential development, access is of a good quality, with links throughout the district by sustainable travel and by private car. The proximity of the canal network offers excellent opportunities for recreation as well as commuting.