Situated to the north east of Falkirk on the A9 (Falkirk northern distributor road), a short distance from the M9 connecting Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth.


The site is 16.3 ha in size with circa 7.3 ha of remediated and serviced brownfield land remaining for development within the park.


The site is owned by Scottish Enterprise with infrastructure provided in a joint venture with Falkirk Council.

Development/Planning Status

The site is zoned for Class 4, 5 and 6 uses. Occupiers will require detailed planning permission on an individual plot basis.

Available Financial Assistance

The site is located in an area which eligible projects may attract 15%-35% Regional Selective Assistance funding. Further information on eligibility of RSA funding support can be provided.

TIF Supported Enabling Works

The TIF project has supported preparation works to create a viable development site. Additional measures could be considered to advance speculative office/industrial development on frontage sites through public/private funding arrangements.

Local Network Infrastructure

The Abbotsford site is fully serviced with dedicated junction access from the A9. A Traffic Analysis report has been completed identifying the need for local road network upgrading to the capacity and configuration of Etna Road. These works are fundable via TIF.


The A9 junction meets all anticipatable needs with internal road access servicing all sites. Services include footways/street lighting and multi-media utilities. Servicing of the site includes boundary landscape and signage and offers a high amenity site for mixed-use development.