Caledon Business Park is located east of Falkirk Town Centre and immediately west of the A9 dual carriageway south of Bog Road Roundabout. The site has existing users and offers a frontage to the A9 with a strong visual profile and capacity to meet a range/mix of activity.


The site is 16.7 ha.



Development/Planning Status

The site has a strong frontage profile on a key approach route providing an attractive development opportunity with a distinctive, quality offer. The site is designated in the Local Plan and the draft Local Development Plan as an economic development site. The Local Plan designates the frontage as greenbelt with the draft Local Development Plan lifting the greenbelt designation and zoning the full site.

Available Financial Assistance

Located in an area which offers eligible projects to attract 15%-35% Regional Selective Assistance funding. Further information on eligibility of RSA funding support can be provided.

TIF Supported Enabling Works

The TIF project can provide funds to address enabling infrastructure associated with flood mitigation; road access; utility infrastructure and site preparation. Access improvements to the A9 Junction supports a mixed use development and offers development opportunities for a number of land interests.

Local Network Infrastructure

The Bog Road (A9) roundabout has been improved to enable direct access to both frontage business and industrial sites. New access arrangements will be TIF eligible.


A new junction to Bog Road roundabout will lead to significant remodelling of the existing A9 Junction to create a fourth leg and support easy access. Local network capacity is being addressed through the TIF together with enhanced access to the M9 at Junction 5. There are good pedestrian networks through to Westfield and Helix path and cycleway connections whilst public transport corridors also exist on the Callendar Road.