Centrally located in Falkirk the plan for the town centre is one of incremental regeneration rather than major transformational projects.


39 acres in total, various developments within


The site is owned by a variety of bodies, including Falkirk Council.

Development/Planning Status

The site is zoned for residential and commercial.

Available Financial Assistance

The site is located in an area which eligible projects may attract 15%-35% Regional Selective Assistance funding. Further information on eligibility of RSA funding support can be provided.

TIF Supported Enabling Works

The signalisation of Junction 6 will have a positive impact on the town centre and works to Junction 5 will be important for the area as it is the main access route from Edinburgh and the east.

Local Network Infrastructure

Falkirk Town Centre is well connected to the main road network, whilst the A9 distributor road provides a bypass for heavier traffic. The Falkirk Grahamston train station and the main bus station are also located in the town centre.


Access can be achieved from multiple directions, but generally the M9 Junctions provide the most direct access.