The site comprises the main bus station, a number of retail units and a large retail warehouse. A KFC development is now in place on the corner of this site, and Henry Boot Developments is in the process of launching a large scale redevelopment scheme potentially involving the bus station and the Callendar Square retail centre.


5.9 acres


The site is owned by a variety of private developers.

Development/Planning Status

The site is zoned for commercial uses, primarily retail and warehouse retail. This site is most likely to be a retail gateway location to the town centre from the east.

Available Financial Assistance

The site is unlikely to benefit from financial assistance due to the private nature of the ownership.

TIF Supported Enabling Works

The site will benefit from works to the Westfield roundabout and Junction 5 as they provide access from local areas and from the East.

Local Network Infrastructure

The Callendar Road site is served from a variety of access points, the primary route being Callendar Road from the A9. Falkirk Grahamston and Falkirk High train stations are both in relatively close proximity, with the main bus station present on the site.


Primary access is from the M9 via Junctions 5, 6 and Westfield Roundabout to the A9. Pedestrian access is also a method of arrival, with a significant level of residential properties within walking distance of the site.