Situated opposite Abbotsford Business Park, and with the Bankside Industrial Estate.


The site is 3.5 acres in size.


The site is owned by a private developer.

Development/Planning Status

The site is currently brownfield, and is included in the Vacant and Derelict Land Register. Remediation of the site is required. Future uses would most likely include development of industrial units.

Available Financial Assistance

The site is not supported by any funding mechanisms at present, but could benefit from support under the Vacant and Derelict Land recovery targets from Scottish Government.

TIF Supported Enabling Works

The TIF project is upgrading A9 connections including improved roundabout access and links to the M9 Junctions 5 and 6 and the Westfield roundabout.

Local Network Infrastructure

The site is easily accessed from the A9 distributor road, with short and high quality connections to the M9 motorway.


Primary access can be achieved via the A9, with access from M9 Junction 5 representing the most flexible East-West access point.